How I Create Felt Board Sets

We really enjoy "Playing" in our "Stories" around here. We have a crate full of Storybook props and a binder full of felt board sets. Most often I create these things for my kids to enjoy, occasionally granny will purchase pre-made sets.

There are two ways that I create fun felt sets for my kiddos. The first, and the one I use most often, I beg my hubby (who is better at drawing than I am) to create me some templates. He draws the images on cardstock, then I cut them out and trace them onto felt to cut out again. I highly recommend a disappearing ink fabric marker for this step! I very often embellish the designs with additional layers of felt, puffy paint, google eyes and various other crafting what-nots.

The second way I create felt board sets, is I purchase commercial use clip art sets. I resize the images in a program I have on my computer, then print them out on milk filter sheets. At this point you can cut them out and use them as is on your felt board but I like to 'beef' ours up a bit more. After printing them on the milk filters I use spray adhesive to glue the printed page onto felt, let it dry overnight then cut my pieces out for the kiddos to play with. They feel more sturdy to me this way and the images pop a bit more glued onto a white backing.

Either way I have made them my kiddos always enjoy getting a new set to play with. I love that the moveable play pieces help encourage the love of reading for my children. I often hear them retelling the story, remembering the sequence of events, changing up their voices to play out the different parts, as well as my kiddos often create their very own adventures for some of their favorite book characters.

Do your kids enjoy felt board sets? What is one of your current favorites? Do you purchase pre-made sets or create your own? Feel free to comment below!

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