Have you heard of Currclick?

Hey, fellow homeschooling peeps!

Have you guys heard of Currclick yet?


It's kinda awesome, go take a look around. You'll find tons! Hundreds, thousands of fabulous resources that are great for home learning! There's books, lapbooks, games, unit studies, planning helps, and even CLASSES! Even LIVE classes!
On every kind of topic imaginable!
Woo hoo how exciting!

ok confession time.... There was this one time.... or maybe two... but well sshhh don't tell anyone cause it's a little bit embarrassing to admit... but ... so I was .... well... in a word.... slacking. I was overwhelmed and my plans kept falling apart and my darling angel children were just NOT cooperating with my plans. So I threw them allllll away (the plans not the children!) and we didn't do much of anything. Weeellll...  that's not entirely true ... we were doing LOTS... lots of overwhelming life... but not so much specifically academic educational school type work that would qualify for transcripts for graduating.  So after a couple of days of that... maybe it was weeks? months?... ol details smetails.... who was counting?!?

(Come on mommas you know what I'm talking about, right? if not.... well, then, move along now nothing to see here nothing to see here folks!) 

So anyway back to this one time.... I found myself with no plan. I would wake up in the morning, start dreading the day ahead and ugly voices  would start screaming at me these kids have got to do some school!!! but I had no plan... I had no prep... I had no "school" to fight with my children to not get accomplished. Then I found CurrClick and it was a overwhelmed homeschool mommas life line to feeling a millimeter of productive and maybe ....just maaaaaybe not totally dooming her children to life of illiteracy and lack of education. I'd ask the kids to pick a topic any topic then I'd use the nifty search bar on Currclick to find and print of f lapbooks for each kid's chosen topic to do that day.

Sometimes we'd even  read books if I could find them and I'd search Netflix for a documentary. It may have not been "THE BEST" long term education plan but it was really the best we could accomplish during that time in  our lives. and the kids mostly enjoyed, cooperated, and learned something. Yay!!!

Even better I was unpacking boxes just a couple of days ago (we moved months ago yes there's still boxes) and I came across several of those lapbooks ... from 2-3 years ago! I thought that was pretty cool. The kids and I both enjoyed flipping back through them, remembering, discussing, the things they learned while putting them together. It was really nice to see (and nice to realize we're not currently in that hard hard season! We survived! Woo hoo! and the kids did learn! even during all that time I felt like such a failure and that yellow school bus was driving by each morning  taunting me..;) )

Now I have a yearly plan (of sorts) and I'm a tiny bit ahead of the game and I'm prepping and we have goals we're aiming at and STILL Currclick is one of my go to resources.

So alllll that to say.... Hey go check out Currclick! They have LOTS of really cool stuff and great prices! Fair warning.... be careful with their yearly pay what you want weekend... you will loose hours of your day...hours! and you'll need an extra memory stick... or two .... for all the downloading awesomeness.

One more thing.... another reason Currclick is fan-tab-U-lous.... I just opened my own little store / publishers page!! You should totally check that out too :D

I've created and posted mini little themed fun learning printable packs. These are always call "games" in my house and my kiddos enjoy them. Currently most are PreK-K-1st ish math stuffs (because I purchased a complete phonics / word families / learning to read curriculum we're working through and I  need to add in math stuffs to our plan) but I'm trying to add a couple things each week. So my inventory and variety will grow. Feel free to send me an email to suggest a specific theme, I'll see what I can come up with.

What are some of you go to homeschooling resources? Share with us in the comment below!